74ª Volta a Portugal 15/08 to 26/08

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Parrulo said:
are amaro antunes and ricardo vilela on that first group?

if antunes is still there it is good to see carmin using vitoring first which means they trust him and he must be strong
Vilela was dropped. At least that's what the moto guy said

EDIT: Now they say Vilela is on the front group. And Duenas too.
Mar 31, 2010
trevim said:
I think Atapuma was there but I'm not sure.
atapuma crashed. and the whole team almost crashe.d he was given a wheel but they totally f'd up. some african from mtn crashed first.
Mar 31, 2010
trevim said:
Vilela was dropped. At least that's what the moto guy said

EDIT: Now they say Vilela is on the front group.
he was dropped but came back later with few others

edit: atapuma back
Thomson held. Break survived

Top 10
1º Jay Thomson (United HealthCare) 5:15:04
2º Hugo Sabido (LA Antarte) a 38"
3º Edgar Pinto (LA Antarte) a 1:04
4º Garikoitz Bravo (Caja Rural) a 1:06
5º Marc De Maar (United) m.t.
6º Nuno Ribeiro (Efapel) m.t.
7º Brice Feillu (Saur Sojasun) m.t.
8º Rui Sousa (Efapel) a 1:09
9º Helder Oliveira (Boavista) m.t.
10º Jordi Simón (Andalucía) m.t.


1º Jay Thomson (United Healthcare) 5:17:47
2º Hugo Sabido (LA Antarte) a 35"
3º Edgar Pinto (LA Antarte) a 1:10
4º José Gonçalves (Boavista) a 1:15
5º Garikoitz Bravo (Caja Rural) a 1:17
6º Marc de Maar (United HealthCare) a 1:18
7º Sergio Sousa (Efapel) a 1:19
8º Bruno Silva (LA Antarte) a 1:19
9º Brice Feillu (Saur) a 1:21
10º Alejandro Marque (Carmim/Prio) a 1:21
Oct 17, 2010
This was a nice stage. Thomson was completely dying at the end. Ride of the day together with Sérgio Ribeiro. That man worked his *ss off for Efapel.

Of note: José Mendes lost +5 minutes today.
canyonball said:
This was a nice stage. Thomson was completely dying at the end. Ride of the day together with Sérgio Ribeiro. That man worked his *ss off for Efapel.

Of note: José Mendes lost +5 minutes today.
Thoroughly enjoyed it. I finally watched the last dozen kms, last night.
The steep climb produced the small groups and the rolling run in did the rest.

Thomson left his all on the road. Deserves his time in yellow.
Oct 17, 2010
Stage 2. 191,5 km. Oliveira do Bairro to Trofa

With 14 km to go there’s a 4rd category climb. About 2,8 km at 4,6%.

Break of the day: David Gutierrez (Onda), Alexander Riabkin (Caja Rural), Mikel Bizkarra (Orbea), Xabier Zabalo (Orbea), David Belda (Burgos BH), Duber Quintero (Colombia – Coldeportes), Cyril Bessy (Saur – Sojasun) e Ferekalsi Debesay (MTN Qhubeka).

3 minutes is the difference to the peloton. 79 km to go
Oct 17, 2010
Both Sérgio Ribeiro (Efapel-Glassdrive) and Vidal Fitas (Carmim-Prio DS) have made clear they will go for the sprint if there's a chance, but they won't danger the main goal-winning a Volta.

We will see if the're bluffing in a bit. UnitedHealthcare won't be forever at the front of the peloton I think.
Oct 17, 2010
After the 4th category Climb, we had Quintero (Coldeportes), Bessy (Saur) and Gutierrez (Onda-Boavista). All of them had been on the break of the day. The biggest advantage of the trio was 1:20, but they couldn't work together. The peloton driven by Efapel-Glassdrive got to them.

In the end, it was chaotic sprint. There was a fall in a cobbled section inside the 3kms. Ricardo Mestre (Carmim-Prio) was involved, but didn't seem to be injured (see edit). Saur Sojason surprised everyone by launching the sprint early. For some time it looked like Poulhiés was going to take it, but Francesco Lasca just carried too much speed. Rensburg was probably the fastest all things considered, but came from further behind.

Stage 2 Results

Francesco LASCA Caja Rural 4:53:08
2 Reinardt VAN RENSBURG - J MTN/Qhubeka m.t.
3 Stéphane POULHIES Saur/Sojasun m.t.
4 Jose Luis CANO Andalucia m.t.
5 Boy VAN POPPEL United Healthcare m.t.
6 Sérgio RIBEIRO Efapel/Glassdrive m.t.
7 Antonio CARVALHO - J Selecção Nacional Portuguesa m.t.
8 Hugo SABIDO LA Alumínios/Antarte m.t.
9 Manuel ANTON Burgos BH/Castilla e Leon m.t.
10 Filipe CARDOSO Efapel/Glassdrive m.t.

GC after stage 2

1 Jay THOMSON United Healthcare 10:10:56
2 Hugo SABIDO LA Alumínios/Antarte a 36
3 Edgar PINTO LA Alumínios/Antarte a 1:11
4 José GONÇALVES - J Onda a 1:15
5 Garikoitz BRAVO - J Caja Rural a 1:16
6 Marc DE MAAR United Healthcare a 1:17
7 Sérgio SOUSA Efapel/Glassdrive a 1:19
8 Brice FEILLU Saur/Sojasun a 1:20
9 Bruno SILVA LA Alumínios/Antarte m.t.
10 Alejandro MARQUE Carmim/Prio a 1:22

Edit: Ricardo Mestre update. One of the knees is bruised. The other has an hematoma.
went to see the volta as this stage passed through my home town.

the breakaway was forming when they passed by me and had about 50 meters on the peloton who were agreeing to slow down and let the break go.

that plus a couple beers made for some jolly fun time
This one is pure gold!

Asked about Nuno Ribeiro's condition after his crash yesterday, Efapel's DS says: "He has a small hole on his knee so he'll be fine". I would love you all to understand portuguese and listen to this on its original form :D

He'll finish 6th just like Gesink a few years back in the Vuelta.
Mar 15, 2009
Nice lack of coverage from Cyclingnews here onm Stage 3 . This forum wasn't much help, from what I can tell on the no english version website and I had to let an iframe for the first time in years that opened a window to what looked like a 20dpi scan of the results sheet..

Someone called Cesal or probably that thing that looks like a spec of dust is actually an r, won from what looks like a break that ended up a minute before the peloton. I assume that means no change to the GC but I can't find it.. oh there it is off the bottom of the page! Fonte up to second... nothing else changes

Oh and actual climb tomorrow at the end tomorrow and another one later, for some reason I thought there was only one near the end.

1 16 POR19861210 21015 César FONTE Elite Efapel/Glassdrive 4:21:32 ---
2 115 FRA19881223 --- Jean PAIANI Elite Saur/Sojasun 4:21:32 m.t.
3 109 COL19900823 --- Duber QUINTERO - J Sub-23 Colombia/Coldeportes 4:21:36 a 4
4 63 ARG 19890215 --- Enzo MOYANO - J Elite Caja Rural 4:21:41 a 9
5 161 RSA19820820 67480 Darren LILL Elite Team Bonitas 4:21:43 a 11
6 131 RUS19860307 --- Pavel KOCHETKOV Elite Itera/Katusha 4:21:51 a 19
7 77 ESP19890107 --- Eloy RUIZ - J Elite Andalucia 4:21:51 m.t.
8 48 POR19850327 22119 Bruno SARAIVA Elite Selecção Nacional Portuguesa 4:21:54 a 22
9 84 ESP19890819 --- Aritz BAGüES - J Elite Orbea Continental 4:21:59 a 27
10 159 RSA19890203 --- Reinardt VAN RENSBURG - J Elite MTN/Qhubeka 4:22:39 a 1:07

1 128 RSA 19860412 --- Jay THOMSON Elite United Healthcare 14:33:38 155 -17
2 16 POR19861210 21015 César FONTE Elite Efapel/Glassdrive a 17 170 -14
3 22 POR19791214 6062 Hugo SABIDO Elite LA Alumínios/Antarte a 33 24 -8
4 23 POR19850827 18354 Edgar PINTO Elite LA Alumínios/Antarte a 1:08 39 -4
5 33 POR19890213 21986 José GONÇALVES - J Elite Onda a 1:15 69 0
6 68 ESP19890731 --- Garikoitz BRAVO - J Elite Caja Rural a 1:16 54 0
7 121 AHO 19840215 --- Marc DE MAAR Elite United Healthcare a 1:17 159 0
8 14 POR19831011 20600 Sérgio SOUSA Elite Efapel/Glassdrive a 1:19 154 0
9 113 FRA19850726 --- Brice FEILLU Elite Saur/Sojasun a 1:20 202 0
10 27 POR19880517 22804 Bruno SILVA Elite LA Alumínios/Antarte m.t. 172 0
11 4 ESP19811023 35456339 Alejandro MARQUE Elite Carmim/Prio a 1:22 81 0
12 31 POR19850608 21045 Daniel SILVA Elite Onda a 1:23 108 0
13 18 POR19801128 9962 Sérgio RIBEIRO Elite Efapel/Glassdrive m.t. 94 0
14 79 ESP19900906 --- Jordi SIMON - J Sub-23 Andalucia a 1:24 75 0
15 13 POR19871218 23815 Ricardo VILELA Elite Efapel/Glassdrive m.t. 156 0
16 116 FRA19800919 --- Maxime MEDEREL Elite Saur/Sojasun m.t. 177 0
17 11 ESP19750303 44817210 David BLANCO Elite Efapel/Glassdrive m.t. 115 0
18 1 POR19830911 18581 Ricardo MESTRE Elite Carmim/Prio m.t. 201 0
19 25 POR19860220 21729 Márcio BARBOSA Elite LA Alumínios/Antarte a 1:26 233 0
20 15 POR19770909 6583 Nuno RIBEIRO Elite Efapel/Glassdrive m.t. 263 0
Great pictures now that the peloton is crossing Geres and start the climb of Caniçada. One of the best places in Portugal right there.

Big break 4:20 minutes ahead with 74km with the following riders:

09 - Amaro ANTUNES (Carmim/Prio)
17 - António AMORIM (Efapel/Glassdrive)
19 - Filipe CARDOSO (Efapel/Glassdrive)
29 - Luís AFONSO (LA/Antarte)
33 - José GONÇALVES (Onda)
34 - Célio SOUSA (Onda)
74 - Roman OSUNA (Andalucia)
93 - David BELDA (Burgos BH/Castilla e Leon)
94 - Pascual ORENGO (Burgos BH/Castilla e Leon)
103 - Wilson MARENTES (Colombia/Coldeportes)
114 - Jean MARINO (Saur/Sojasun)
121 - Marc DE MAAR (United Healthcare)
141 - Mikhail ANTONOV (Lokosphinx)
159 - Reinardt VAN RENSBURG (MTN/Qhubeka)
1. Rui Sousa
2. Sergio Ribeiro +0.02
3. David Blanco
4. David de la Cruz +0.03
5. Hugo Sabido
6. Mendes +0.10
7. Brice Feillu +0.16
8. Ribeiro +0.21
9 Da Silva +0.26
10 Omar Fraile +0.28
11. Nelson Vitorino
12. Jonh Atapuma
15. Edgar Pinto

Efapel hat-trick.
efapel ownage! _O_ sweet :)
glad to see sergio doing better than last year on sra da graca
a little bit disappointed about nuno,was he a helper maybe?

didn't see it but i will definitely download it later

but can they get rid of sabido?

i see that even cesar fonte climbed like an angel,maybe efapel will win the volta with him lol

anyone else please than david blanco,he had enough of them