85th/24th La Flèche Wallonne, April 21st, 2021

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Who will cross the finish line first according to the commissaires and the photo finish camera?

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I actually think this race and finish doesn't suit Pogačar that well. He was straggling last year on the last Mur de Huy finishing in 9th place. Maybe it was just a bad day, maybe the race came too early after the Tour. In fact, I thought with Hirschi on the same team, Pogačar would be the one who will try to anticipate and attack before the last Mur. But now with Hirschi not in top shape, I'm not sure anymore.

It's true we usually had one or two clear favourites for this race in the recent past. This year it's more open. There are more than 5 riders that can win this IMO. I'm still going for the Roglstomp.
If Pogi attacks before the final Mur, surely Vingegaard will continue to play that "Follow the Pog" game he is so good at.
Who let the Pogs out? Who? Who? Who?

The Walloon arrow is usually longer (though not this year), with a pointier end, than its counterpart, the Brabant arrow.

And sometimes in Spain, up in the Sky, you can see the Juan Antonio Arrow.
Sometimes in Spain? What about every other bikerace on Eurosport annoying the crap out of people with lame analysis or tourist information while we want to see the race? I liked him as a rider, but boy oh boy, if i run into him at night in a dark alleyway... i'm definitely not going to ask for his autograph. I'll be giving him mine * shakes fist *
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I am interested to see how Chaves and A.Yates perform in their debut in the race - This is a race where you should always have 2 riders for the final.
Yates had done the race three times before, but with no luck (he DNF'd twice and finished 97 in his debut). It's a race that should suit him though - after all he did beat Roglic on a similar finish in Tirreno two years ago. However, he didn't look very good in Pais Vasco, so I'm not too sure the form is there.
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Winning move before the ascent of the mur? One can dream...
Actually, I think FW has to be like it is, the who is who in the puncheurs state of the peloton. I wouldnt mind more hardness on the race to see less riders arriving at the Mur, but I wouldnt like to watch other thing than a sprint.
I also think that AGR and LBL should finish uphill, as these three races are the true world championships of puncheurs. For flat finish there are many more classics the rest of the year.