A coffee and a small Danish.

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Mads Pedersen is the guest in the most recent episode of Matt Stephens' podcast, and MS makes the mistake of trusting Wikipedia's claim that MP was born in Århus. But Mads P. actually did at least as well as I would have done in the Århus quiz and I'm actually born and raised there.
That's an averagely-sized Dane on a (partially) coffee-sponsored team.
Do we actually know for sure that MS actually thought Mads is from Århus? Maybe he just pretended to think that, so he wouldn't have to come up with a bunch of questions about Tølløse...

In unrelated musings; no, PCS, it's not confusing at all that you use the exact same abbreviation for multiple races...

Recent top riders program updates
No, there's no cloning involved. All the Majorca races simply gets shorted "TRO"...
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Yeah, it's a question I eventually didn't put in because it's too easy. But originally I had a picture of a sprint finish with Murilo Fischer included as a hint.
If you have a question about the Tour podium (like who was the oldest on it), you should phrase it unambiguously. Winner of the race, top-3 in GC or does it include winners of secondary classifications (and does the rider have to have been physically on the podium in Paris, or is it based on the revised results)?