A coffee and a small Danish.

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With 24 hours of Le Mans going on I think Tour should once have a Grand Depart there and of course have TTT around the circuit (which is about 13 km) as an opening stage.

If the TdF ever goes to the USA you could start in Indianapolis. 500-mile race around the speedway. If there's a crash Christian Prudhomme comes out on a safety derny.
Not exactly a "Small Danish", but looks like someone's been getting hairstyling tips from his teammate!

There seem to be some confusion about Danish names. Basically, the only rule is, that we can only have one surname. Other names that look like they could be surnames, and that some riders are primarily known by, are actually middle names.
However, how a person's name is combined is really up to their parents, and themselves in case of marriage.
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The coffee is still great-Italian blend from Aldi (I’m a big spender). Most of the Danish pastries have the usual consistency and high quality but they’ve brought one back that I never liked, renamed it several times and I just don’t think it will ever be a best seller.
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Hmm... in men's races it's "KoM", in women's races in "QoM". Why not a gender-neutral term?

"Monarch of the Mountains"
"Ruler of the Climbs"
"Best Climber" (but that's boring)
How about adding a few categories?

"Shah of Stair Climbing"
(maybe a rest day activity award, part of Pogi palmares after LBL crash he should be a favourite)

"President of Pedestrian Slaloming"
(as crowd behavior trends towards, this award will rapidly turn out prestigeous)

"Duke of Dutch Rubbing"
(Some guys in the peleton I can imagine winning the jersey unintentionally as a part of their natural behavior)