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A coffee and a small Danish.

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Hmm... in men's races it's "KoM", in women's races in "QoM". Why not a gender-neutral term?

"Monarch of the Mountains"
"Ruler of the Climbs"
"Best Climber" (but that's boring)
good question. Also some lawyer firm might try to copyright the phrase KoM like they did with “man of the match” so having a backup is nice. * so maybe we start a go fund me and try to buy the rights for the phrase 😅.

Coolest climber?
Doesn’t necessarily mean the best climber as he or she likely already wins the race.

Henry Desgrange trophy?(for the Tour- though that isn’t exactly gender neutral either).

Come on Columbians(this one is for you!)?
(to encourage the South American climbers to put in the extra effort for this one)

Col de la Manifique?

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Are they claiming it's supposed to be Danish? Well, they're stupid? Ä/ä is not a Danish letter.
It’s stupid, no doubt:

Reuben Mattus invented the phrase "Häagen-Dazs" in a quest for a brand name that he claimed was Danish-sounding; however, the company's pronunciation of the name ignores the letters "ä" and "z" and letters like "ä" or digraphs like "zs" do not exist in Danish.[7][note 1]
I saw Bjerg refer to Jumbo as the tigers. I think it was maybe in the interview where almost all the Danish riders were gathered on the Champs.

Yeah, but that was a continuation of the same joke. I was mainly wondering how much of the radio talk is just pure nonsense.
Other than the tigers and croccodiles from UAE, I also came across Intermarche being similarly nonsensical, as well as the Ineos DS (Ian Stannard?) helpfully pointing out that the heat was very hot...
Quiz time! (I don't know the answer myself)
How many World Championship titles are in this picture:


My guess: More than five.
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