Teams & Riders Alberto Contador Discussion Thread

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Gloin22 said:
This picture shows my loving appreciation to Alberto


JK ;)

Could a mid please delete this post? It does not belong in this thread. :mad:

JK :p
Mar 10, 2009
I'm surprised there is no poll! Well a bit of anger in the belly because of no poll :(

I'll get my stash of Contador pics ready ;)
Apr 10, 2011
LaFlorecita said:
I only got permission for an I Love Alberto thread... :(

Awww, cheer up. There's some love for Alberto here :) You love him too much, but I really like this actually :-D Although I disagree on some of your points I can't bear you with a sad smiley face,so cheer up ;) :)

Hope Alberto does well at Vuelta. Of course hope he'll be 2nd after Froome ; ) :D :)
Zam_Olyas said:
to copy a line from a great warrior poet Ice T
Laflo is trying to say "gangs of AC will never die - just multiply" :D

alberto still "has a lot to learn":p from the legend ice t

Speak in low tones, even when you think you're alone
Cause phones will get you sent upstate, cause feds rotate
And all that close talking, talk about birds and cake
They talk it better than you, so advice your crew
And any body new, watch him with profiles
Cause the D-E-A is crafty and those sending spies