Teams & Riders Alberto Contador Discussion Thread

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ggusta said:
Velasco is the Tiger Woods of cycling and the Versus/NBC sports cast has always pretended he doesn't exist ever since he got Edward's panties in a bunch and then humiliated his holiness Mano a Mano two times. What a disgrace that North American sports fans are so oblivious to ths once in a generation talent. All because of Edward's hubris and his vast army of sycophants.

All the kings horses and all the kings men aren't able to salvage Edward's dying legacy.....

one last metaphor to mix....Bit by bit the curtain exposes the great and powerful Oz from Austin TX as just a dottering narcissist desperately yanking levers and strings while the world snickers at the pathetic little man behind the myth built on lies.
I see what you are doing here ;) Bravo :D
Parrulo said:
any1 got a link for that commercial?
They ran something similar for the Giro in 2011. In the US, he's the guy with the black hat (the bad guy). It's unfortunate that Versus (NBC Sports et al) aren't thinking about the future of the sport, instead of fluffing the American teams--especially when it isn't warranted (listening to P&P call the Prologue was just hilarious).
Feb 15, 2011
Publicus said:
(listening to P&P call the Prologue was just hilarious).
I couldn't handle it. Switched from watching it in HD on my TV to streaming a pixelated version with Dave & Sean from Eurosport.
Jan 10, 2012
LaFlorecita said:
Lol apparently Tinkov was cheering for Italy during today's Euro final because he hates Spain and everything and everyone in it... except Alberto, he tweeted :p
I'm reading Tinkov's twitter now, and it's absolutely ridiculous. Seems quite aggressive and unscrupulous to me. Typically 'nouveau riche'...
Aug 4, 2009
thehog said:
The Tour this year has been boring without him.
hahahaha post-stage 1 observation? Come out to Colorado if you want to relieve your boredom next month, and watch for people wearing gaga-style meat-shirts

Jul 25, 2011
LaFlorecita said:
I really can't understand why there are so many Alberto haters. I mean, okay, you don't have to love him, and of course there are the Clinic reasons... But really, I don't understand all the hatred towards him.
Because he wins;)
I can understand why lance kiddos hate him because of this and Arcalis:

I can understand why Andy fans hate him because of chain gate and even last year Contador stole the Tour from Andy unknowingly so that could be another reason

For the rest, I have no idea :D

Edit: Still, I am a little bit mad about Contador because he didnt help Schleckies enough the kick Lance out of the podium :D
Forunculo said:
Because he wins;)
Not just that but he won versus the icon, the legend, the one that is worshipped the world over (LA), denying his triumphant return and he won versus the media's chosen successor to LA's throne (darling Andy). The Andy fans are likely the same fans that love and worship LA. Contador is public enemy number one with them.:D