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Jun 30, 2014
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Gigs_98 said:
Mayomaniac said:
Well, Kitzbühel and Wengen are the skiing version of the RVV and Paris-Roubaix, classics. The only thing that comes close is the GS in Adelboden, those races are like the Monuments.
t's just a shame that both Men's and Women's overall WC aren't close at all, a competitive fight would be better for the sport.
Last weekend Shiffrin was training in Toblach and a friend of mine ran into her in a local gym.
The men's overall WC is anything but decided. Kristoffersen leads todays slalom in Kitzbühel and will probably make up 40 points on Hirscher. One gate straddle by Hirscher in the 3 remaining Slaloms and suddenly the WC is completely open.
Maybe if he's able to gain time today, but this season he hasnt been as great in the Slaloms as he used to be, pobably because he put on a few kgs and focussed more n the GS to be able to fight for the overall WC. When it comes to the Slalom he hasn't been as catlike as he used to be and Hirscher always seems to have luck on his side.

python said:
what happened to klaebo btwn km 11.9 and 13.9 :Question:

from leading poltoranin by .3 sec at 11.9 he dropped almost 20 seconds in just 2 km :rolleyes: i did not hear any comments about him falling. therefore, poltoranin must have just put on his jets as klaebo may have been fading...

anyway, glad to see the spor'st most elegant classic skier relegating klaebo. also quite happy for halfvarsson finding his legs finally.

nor to forget, congrats to parmakoski on her 1st word cup win (hope i my memory did not let me down...). it was time !
Wrong skiing thread ;)

Ferminal said:
A glimmer of hope from Ligety!
Hirscher will surely be afraid of him looking at the olympics. I don't know how the slope will be but I expect it to be a lot easier than Garmisch, probably comparable to Beaver Creek. I know Hirscher won by 1.5 seconds today, but in 2015 when Ligety surprisingly won the WC in Beaver Creek Hirscher won the Garmisch GS by 3 seconds.