Arctic Race of Norway 2021 (August 5-8)

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I hope they re-rank this race somewhere lower slopes of Europe Tour 2.2 next year and broadcast 2.Pro Burgos instead at Eurosport..:rolleyes::grimacing:
Or just... broadcast both? And I don't think they'd need to down-rank it to not show it - which would be horrible - after all; Tour de Pologne is WT, and doesn't have any real coverage. Besides; this race is 2.Pro too, so I'd say it has the same reason to be shown as Burgos.
Anyway, I was covered; Burgos was shown on Danish TV2! :cool:
Today there is a meeting with the people of Svalbard(!) to present plans for a stage of the Arctic Race of Norway. The guys behind this race are insane. The logistics of it sounds like a nightmare. But I´ll watch it:D
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