Ardèche Classic (February 26) and Drôme Classic (February 27) 2022

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Strong performances by Vingegaard and Ayuso, great breakaway. Congrats to the Dane on his victory (maybe this year he'll be strong in more than a couple of races per season), tough luck for Ayuso, who got weaker at the end. Surprisingly Ala was dropped at the end.
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Basically what we have seen today could indeed be a strong leverage on JV side. At the bigger races. But then again on bigger races it will likely be harder for Vingegaard to put himself in such position. But this is it. What we have already speculated that could happen.
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We will see, it could be interesting with also Remco here. Jonas & Primoz look like a dream duo to try to topple Pog at the Tour (if not them then who?)
They really do. Both great climbers, time trialists, very good on hilly terrain, explosive... they can do it all. Just like Pogi, who is just a bit better at all (or some) of those things. It'll be a great Tour hopefully.