Armstrong Retires, Again

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Jun 26, 2009
Oh, this is interesting; Juliet Macur of the NYT has tweeted a link to the VN article showing that, basically, everyone LA beat in his TdF's was a doper - she gets an RT from another non-cycling journalist:!/JulietMacur/status/38652305385603072

Will coverage cross over into opinion? I think folks like her and Bonnie Ford at are having a very hard time not saying what they know....
LA a One Event Wonder

"Without the Armstrong juggernaut, ... when he showed up, elevated the profile and viewership of the sport."

The only place Armstrong elevated the profile and viewership of the sport was in the USA. Americans for some perverted reason like to fawn on narcisstic ego-maniacs who have athletic talent.

For the rest of the world (yes, yankee boy there is a huge cycling following out there that is non American) LA was just another good cyclist who proved by focusing solely on the TDF, he could win.

Give me anytime, the Indurain's, Mercks, Coppis and Contadors who have proved they are more than one event wonders.


Jan 29, 2011
Benotti69 said:
i doubt he'll have either. a 'professional' cyclist means 20 years of doping and cheating, not much of a life to look back on if you ask me. try telling that to your kids, truthfully.

Stephen Swart realised that very quickly after he retired.
In that case virtually all pro cyclists over the past 15 years may as well keep looking forward then because the same would apply to most of them lol
May 26, 2010
Yeahright said:
In that case virtually all pro cyclists over the past 15 years may as well keep looking forward then because the same would apply to most of them lol
You know the Italians dont have that, it is inherent in their society to try and in, even by deceptions. so they wont.

The Brits do, the French i dont know. The Aussies, probably not. The Yanks yes.

It will also depend on your mind frame. As Stephen Swart found he wanted his family to know the truth and felt extremely better about unburdening himself.
Oct 16, 2010
Blazin' Saddles about LA's well-timed retirement:

"It was very like the Texan to choose to make his second retirement official on exactly the same day as his old foe Alberto announced he had been exonerated by his own national cycling federation. Talk about piddling on Contador's vegetarian tapas."
"It's a bit like Arsenal stealing North London rivals Tottenham's Champions League thunder by selfishly beating Barcelona 24 hours after Spurs dispatched Milan at the San Siro. Although retiring after a couple of largely shoddy years in the saddle to face the Feds and dance to the music of time is hardly as big an accomplishment as coming from behind to beat the world's best football team - but still, you get the picture."
Jul 23, 2009
Dave Feschuk, The Toronto Star:
My thumb is down to Lance Armstrong, who retired this week from pro cycling. If that's news to you don't feel bad, Armstrong's announcement wasn't just quiet it was suspiciously quiet. Maybe it's only a coincidence that it came a few weeks after the latest allegations that Armstrong, the 7-time Tour de France champion, was also an expert doper. Armstrong's cancer fighting foundation has done a lot of good, in part because most people assume his career wasn't a big drug fueled lie. There is an ongoing U.S. Federal investigation to sort that out and now that Armstrong has time on his hands, he should do what his disciples hope he'll do: lawyer up and sue these false accusers.


Aug 17, 2009
pedaling squares said:
If Feschuk was a cycling affecionado, he would have realized this. Armstrong is now a product, a marketing Icon, more than a cyclist. He is no longer top tier, a contender.
Not to say Dave knows nothing about cycling, sports and marketing, and also doping, plus the fact that Lord Armstrong has some of the best PR guys in advertising, Dave Feshunk would have noted Contadors' reinstatement and forthcoming return to cycling and questions of Lances' issues with Mr. Novitsky.Please Mr. Feschuk stick to hockey or another sport you are knowledgable with.
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