As McQuaid says : Only in Spain.

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Feb 22, 2011

Tangled Tango said:
Something else that the Spain haters should understand in terms of why so many cyclists train in the Southern European country.................uh it´s south and warmer, more temperate, better place to train than rainy, windy and or snowy northern European countries. To get quality miles/Kms cyclists go south. Sure it is about drugs for some, but there are other reasons. If anyone here has cycled in Mallorca, you know what a cycling paradise it is. The same with any of the Canary Islands, except maybe Fuerteventura , which is a touch too windy. In any case, it´s not 100% black or white. Oh yeah, Girona may not be far south, but it´s beautiful and is close to the mtns for serious training. A nice place to live for a cyclist who needs to be on the European continent and doesn´t want to be in freezing cold Belgium.
Who hates Spain?