Astana reconfirms Contador's role for 2010

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Jul 25, 2009
Publicus said:
This might be one of the more ridiculous things you've intimated in these threads. From all accounts he had legitimate basis to complain, but largely stayed silent. Just let it go dude.

Most of the 'complaints' seem to be his earlier efforts to get out of his contract when he saw the writing on the wall.
Jul 26, 2009
scribe said:
He definitely dominated, but it didn't stop him from complaining this year.

It will be especially difficult for him without Paulinho's companionship next year at Astana. I can just hear it now.....

im not sure why people continue connecting paulinho with berto.....paulinho himself has said the one friend he had on astana is kloeden......sergio is a pro , he chose to go to radioshack because as he said it was the only contract on offer......personally i think paulinho is great but lets wait and see what happens with all the movement out of astana it will open the door to keep a chris horner ,.......and who knows they may be able to write a check for some seriously descent support riders........

im still thinking it would make for great history if berto did the giro - vuelta double next year
Jul 14, 2009
So if you pay the goal keeper and the right wing that makes a team? Lance was paying others out of his pocket. If Alberto got his cash and none of his team mates for a couple of months I think that a court would see that as your boss is a squirrel . Rebuild the wall. Bad checks and dope everywhere you look. Go Vino! Sorry no more credit cards for you red,cash only.


Aug 17, 2009

Al stay home. If you cannot take the psycological punishment, sit down pull out the lazy-boy and pop a cold one.

Let the powers that be sweat it out while you go offshore powerboat racing with HW Bush and the Saudi family.

PS; Make sure you race 2 races next year Cape Epic and Leadville 100.