Best/favorite TV series ever

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Jagartrott said:
Have you ever seen or read the conclusion of an epic tale that isn't somewhat anti-climactic? This was lightning fast compared to the ending of LotR. They tried to wrap it up with some dignity, I think. Not too much emo-music and such, and I guess they had to give at least a bit of direction to the (many) main characters, so yes, it dragged on a bit, but not more than what I expected. The murder of Daenerys was quite well done, I thought, and the bittersweet ending for Jon, the most powerfull man in Westeros by name - who will live with the knowledge of killing his lover and the everlasting doubt whether it was really justified.
The Hyperion cantos. I am anxious to see if that series ever makes it to the screen as it has been in development for a few years. That type of winding down works better in books than TV IMO. I think putting so much humor in the last 30 mins was a conscious choice to not fall into LOTR- style navel-gazing. I would've been ok not seeing anything after the throne room. At least Jon gets to be with his doggo.
Mayomaniac said:
You have to think that in the end the whole Character arc that we got for Daenerys was rather pointless.
See also: Jorah. The first three episodes of the season and the last three episodes don't really dovetail effectively.