Best/favorite TV series ever

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Jagartrott said:
Have you ever seen or read the conclusion of an epic tale that isn't somewhat anti-climactic? This was lightning fast compared to the ending of LotR. They tried to wrap it up with some dignity, I think. Not too much emo-music and such, and I guess they had to give at least a bit of direction to the (many) main characters, so yes, it dragged on a bit, but not more than what I expected. The murder of Daenerys was quite well done, I thought, and the bittersweet ending for Jon, the most powerfull man in Westeros by name - who will live with the knowledge of killing his lover and the everlasting doubt whether it was really justified.
The Hyperion cantos. I am anxious to see if that series ever makes it to the screen as it has been in development for a few years. That type of winding down works better in books than TV IMO. I think putting so much humor in the last 30 mins was a conscious choice to not fall into LOTR- style navel-gazing. I would've been ok not seeing anything after the throne room. At least Jon gets to be with his doggo.
Mayomaniac said:
You have to think that in the end the whole Character arc that we got for Daenerys was rather pointless.
See also: Jorah. The first three episodes of the season and the last three episodes don't really dovetail effectively.
Not sure if this applies outside N American market..Hannah on Amazon is a straight forward action show, lots of cool fighting \action sequences that normally I don't care for..
Barry..Bill Hader and Henry Winkler are nothing short of great..again dark comedy w some action angles that are fun to watch..
Older but something I still enjoyed..The Bodyguard(UK) easy to sit through all of it..
I also like Liar about a romance gone way way wrong..
season 1 of Dead to Me..thought was good..having a harder haul on season two..
I will probably surf around and watch things with Carl Reiner and Norman Lear..Reiner had a silly spin on a bunch of things that you could not have thought had comedic value..
a fav in The Jerk..mean motorcycle chick grabs Steve Martin in the crotch as hard and aggressive without killing him..brutal foreplay..
Later Martin's character..Nathan Johnson..a white orphan raised by a black family..writes to tell his mother of his sexual experience..everything about that @5 minutes of film is genius in my opinion.
Some of the racial dialogue between Steve Martin and his black family are hilarious..but the fact he is well into adulthood and it comes a as an earth shattering surprise that he is not African American is timeless.
I've probably forgotten more great, niche, TV than I can remember w/o looking at my torrent client or streaming service history lol. But one miniseries that genuinely affected me was Netflix's surrealistic 10-episode Maniac (2018), which featured Emma Stone, Jonah Hill, and Justin Theroux .

If you don't know Maniac or didn't give it a look, Amy Glynn wrote a fair, brief review of it for Paste : "Netflix's Maniac Is a Surrealist Masterpiece":
"A trafficked ring-tailed lemur. Popcorn problems. The lost final chapter of Don Quixote. And Gassing Up the Miata. Netflix’s new miniseries Maniac has its imperfections. But it proves that even if reality might be a debatable construct, metaphors and tropes and symbols are pretty stinkin’ permanent..."
I really enjoyed it, though ofc it's not for everyone. Trailer is here.
Mrs 42x16ss has been getting into a lot of European and South American TV lately. Some OK stuff and some really good:

Money Heist (really enjoyed it)
Il Casa de Flores (growing on me)

The Dynasty remake has also gotten some time, just as ridiculous as the original, except the young Heather Locklear (Sammy-Jo) has been replaced with a Venezuelan toyboy (Samuel Joseph) :/
Oct 15, 2020
Doctor Who. This is my favorite TV show. I have been watching this series since childhood. Now, this show has gotten worse and the last seasons are impossible to watch.
It is a pity that not all of the series survived the first doctor.:worried:
I really enjoy The Boys atm, the 2nd season has been great so far.
Antony Starr is killing it as Homelander, what a performance by him.
Antony Starr's Homelander is great. I loved the PSA he [Homelander] appeared in w/ the sheriff in the (iirc) final episode of S2. So dark. Speaking of S2, how would you rate it in comparison to S1? I really liked S1 - enough to rewatch it twice. S2...not as compelling for me. Will they make a season 3?