Best GT of 2013?

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Which was the best GT of 2013?

  • Vuelta a Espana

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Nov 26, 2012
TBH, I only watched the first few stages of giro. followed it in official site whenever possible. and totally missed the final week, because i was stuck in a place with no internet connection.

As for me, from what i have seen:

1) Vuelta
~~~~pacific ocean~~~~
2) Giro
3) TdF.

Giro got screwed up because jet stream lost its way. Things might have looked totally different if the weather was a bit different. And, Cav (yep, total cav fan!) The results looked one sided.

TdF, I liked LA, but ...<rest of the statement is searching for c****c> Main criticism: TdF used to be less predictable(and i saw my first ever cycling race after LA came back). It was easy to pick the jersey winners at the end of every stage. Saxo and OPQS had to ride a cross wind to get a stage that was remotely lively. Riblon, TJVG tried to salvage some pleasure for the viewers. But it was too little too late. it seemed at some point that only AC was racing against dawg, while the others were simply doing nothing.

Vuelta: Despite all the bad things, including below par route, stage 14, and XXXXXX, it kept me where i like the most: at the edge of my seat. The best stage in TdF was comparable to the rush i got while watching an average stage in Vuelta. Calling any stage was tough, some of them were impossible.
1. Tour 8/10: Froome and Quintana were impressive. Okay, it was decided a bit early, but that doesn't change the great athletic quality. I liked the course as well.

2. Giro 6/10: Deserved win for Nibali, but the race was partly ruined by the weather.

3. Vuelta 2/10: Yes, there was suspense in the final week, but Horner winning a GT is one of the worst jokes cycling has seen. There were too many uphill finishes against only one time trial, an unbalanced circuit.
TDF - Froome put a great show in first two weeks but showed a weakness in final week. Andy should know what was his mistake in 2010 and 2011.

Vuelta - Because of too many mountain stages riders always thought about next day which led to small time gaps in individual stages. However, Horner vs Nibali was epic.

Giro - I don't even remember what happened there. The route was good though.
jens_attacks said:
i think in 2012 and 2010 it was pretty obvious what the great cyclingnews forum voted .

but what about 2011, can anyone find the poll?
Just to check 2012 Vuelta right?

This year Vuelta for me too as well. But imo 2012 Vuelta was better.

Bigger question is what was better giro or Tour. As much as i love the giro, and its not their fault, Tour was better cos they raced the full course. Giro, again not their fault, but none of the great mountain stages we were supposed to have were raced in the end.

Still Vuelta hasnt sucked in years. Its at the very least entertaining and at best like last year thrilling.
Last three Vueltas have been really good and it was the closest race this year. Nibali dominated the Giro and Froome the Tour. But i would have to say for sheer spectacle and the incredible weather and what the riders had to battle through, I give the nod to the Giro even though stages were cut. The Tour admittedly had the best field and the best racing and the Vuelta kept us guessing on a lot of stages with some great stages. But I won't forget Nibali emerging through the snow on the last mountain stage of the Giro for quite a while and just the accumulation of awful conditions the riders had to put up with in the Giro made it a real slog.
Aug 16, 2013
The Giro was horrible. The hardest mountain stages screwed due to the bad weather, Wiggo and Hesjedal got sick or did ****ty in the downhill, and Nibbles had weak competition. Evans was a great rider, but past his prime days. Uran is more a classic rider than a GT racer. He did alright ofcourse, and remember that he had to wait for Wiggo in the first couple of stages, and lose a couple of minutes. The first week was nice, but after that it was already decided in the favour of Nibali.

The Tour was really beautiful. Froome ofcourse was the big favourite and there was not a lot of tension for the victory, but it was really nice to see. The rise of a Colombian superstar, a superb Purito in de third week, the end of Conta as the best GC rider, and some stages i will remember for a very long time (Bagneres de Bigorre, Saint Amaind Monrond, Semnoz). Best Tour for me this year.

The Vuelta was a exciting fight between a brave Italian and a 41-year old American who finally delivers after years of bad luck and playing domestique for the Schleckies. The end was spectaculair on the Angliru. The nicest thing about the Vuelta was the fact that it was the GT of the promising young stars. Kenny Elissonde with a terrific victory on the Angliru, Warren Barguil who confirms himself in 3 weeks as a top rider, King Leopold with a nice stage win and 9th place in GC. Thibaut Pinot who shows he's rider again. Too bad though that Valverde and Purito were tired from the Tour, otherwise we would have even a better fight for the victory.