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Best way to taper for a big event

Mar 5, 2009
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Hi guys:

I am entering El Tour de Tucson for the first time this year. It's 109 miles (a distance I've not done before). I had a decent base but I've been training specifically for El Tour for about seven weeks (and mostly eating right and resting properly), and I want to give myself the best chance I can at a personal goal I set of 5hrs 30 mins.

What is the best way to taper off the riding and training in the five days leading up to a big event? Do you guys just not ride at all? Do you do a normal week at normal distances and intensities and take only the day or two off before the event? DO you ride recovery-pace rides all week?

I'm thinking that I need to keep to my normal weekly routine but shorten the distances and do half the intervals/sprints/climbing repeats with a recovery ride on Thursday and nothing the day before El Tour (Saturday, November 21) but I put a lot of effort into getting as ready as I can and I'd love to hear the best approaches to tapering for a big event.

Thanks in advance for any response.
May 13, 2009
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El tour is great, you will have a blast (depending on how windy it is).
I would say just spin the legs, maybe do some short, flat, fast intervals towards the end of your rides, but really just focus on nutrition, rest, (which it sounds like you are) and not really pushing yourself.
As far as day before goes, I hate not doing anything before a race so I would always get in a half hour the day before, but some of my friends would usually just take the day completely off, so you should be fine if you choose to do that.
Also, not sure if you have been to El tour before, but if you are wanting to start near the front you need to get there at like 4am. People are crazy about where they line up so they will go and lay their bike down at the start line or have a friend or family member sit there for a few hours so they can start up close. Not sure if it is still like that, but that's what I remember.
Good luck!
Jul 14, 2009
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Ol' Avondale cotton and citrus for as far as the eye could see well not anymore. TdeT is way fun. I would just take a day or 2 off before. The mileage is way higher than anything your going to be used to every extra calorie you have left will be useful anytime you do over a 100. You need some way to remind yourself to drink and eat, even a lil digital kitchen timer set to go off every 25 minutes. Eat drink and eat and drink some more. 1 pack of the moist handy wipe things..You might need them, and they are way softer than an Ocotillo, Cholla or Prickly Pear. After you are done with this go out to Anza Borrego it's getting to be the best time in the desert good luck