Biggest dissapointment in the 2013 Ardennes Classics

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Who was the biggest disappointment in the Ardennes?

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Apr 11, 2011
Leonardus said:
Obviously Gilbert was a bit disappointing although he was not that bad in AGR. Vanendert was nowhere and I didn't see much from Uran, but Sky in general was disappointing again in the classics. Except for the nice wall climbing performance from Henao in FW.
Also worth mentioning is Astana, strong team with last year winners and what kind of result did they get?
Henao also contested the sprint for second at Amstel (after falling twice) and finished in the group at 18 seconds yesterday. Stannard did well at MSR but they can't be happy with their overall performances.

I read that Uran came into this week with very little racing behind him. I don't know if thats due to a health issue or because is focus is firmly on the Giro.
Aug 16, 2011
brilleaben said:
Gilbert finished as good as last year. You can hardly call that a dissapointment, no matter how much you want to overrate him and what jersey he rides in. I don't expect Boyssen Hagen to podium, either. The biggest underperformer was undoubtedly Vanendert. This should be his season goal, and he was nowhere.
A guy that wins all 3 classics a couple years ago, and the best he can managed this year is a 5th. I'd say that more then qualifies his campaign as a disappointment.
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