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Teams & Riders Brandon McNulty is the Next Great American Hope Thread

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Yes, but didn't play the game smart, closed too many holes. + lacking sprint.

He is a little bit same type as Remco, they need to be so much better than the others to win. Like the first stage with 60km solo.

But he is on my top 3 for today.

Uhm not true. I remember last year in Dauphine sprint uphill was 3e. Colbrelli won. But he came from far. He is fast. But him position in sprint was not good.

Today top 3 is possible. But last climb is some strokes 10%+ we will see
Isn't there a difference between not being fast and getting 15th or being fast and getting 2nd? Wasn't he fast? or am i missing something? It arrives at the same time from Valverde

Fantastic rider and in impressive from. 1, 4 and 2 is a great start to the season, a season I hope he will experience more wins than the last 2 years.

All I'm saying is he isn't great in sprints. He also lost with 2 bike length today.