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Breaking Away - "Top cycling teams explore creating new competitive league"

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National Cycling League goes under - https://velo.outsideonline.com/road...w-the-national-cycling-league-abruptly-ended/
"According to sources, in just a few minutes in a one-way conversation, officials told riders that the series was “out of money, pausing operations, and all contracts are terminated effective immediately,” said one source, who requested anonymity.

The call was brief, less than five minutes, and no one was allowed to ask any questions, sources said.

An e-mail was forwarded providing written and legal notices, including a reminder that a non-disclosure agreement remained in effect despite the termination of contracts.

Riders were paid through April — with salaries reportedly at only $3,000 per season for top riders — and had until Tuesday to put in expense reports."

So how will this impact the big OneCycling project?
Denver Disrupted.
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