Can Rodriguez win the Vuelta?

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Can he win?

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LaFlorecita said:
This is exactly what everyone thought about Evans in the 2011 Tour and look what happened.
This is actually what everyone thought about Purito during last Giro and look what almost happened. I don't think anybody can underestimate him at this point. And if they do, it's their fault.

the asian said:
Purito didn't do too well on Bola in 2010. Even Nibali out-climbed him.
You make it sound like Nibali is incapable of climbing at this level. While in fact he's among the best climbers in the world, if you take Contador and Andy out of the equation.

He has repeatedly outclimbed Purito during Giro 11 for example.
Jan 3, 2011
He can but I dont think he will. So far it has been ideal for him with shorter climbs. Now we have a TT and then the longer climbs come.
4 way fight

here we are 1 week into the vuelta and we have a four way fight
j rod ....valverde.......alberto..............alien

I hope it finishes in that order

with so little time trialling it's j rod's best chance of a gt win

alas the odds are still pretty long
Nov 14, 2011
I think he will struggle in the proper mountains. We thought he was in good form in la vuelta last year and then he fell away badly once they reached the mountains as opposed to big hills


Jan 16, 2012
I don´t think he will do to bad in the TT, he might even surprise, but lose time he will.

He got a long season already, and I don´t see him be able to follow Berti in the last week, especially stage 20 to Bola del Mundo is one Berti got his eyes on, and most likely rode a dozen times, and my bet is this stage will be overall decisive for the GC. It´s a typical Berti climb, one where he can make the difference, my guess is Purito will be to tired this late, he spent a lot of energy already and done an outstanding performance, but he won´t last.

Berto will take this, If he finds the legs that is.
Oct 26, 2009
Cimber said:
He can but I dont think he will. So far it has been ideal for him with shorter climbs. Now we have a TT and then the longer climbs come.
If he doesn't lose a lot of time in the ITT, his chances are good. Unlike Contador, he seems to know when to attack and it pays off...
The question was Can he win, so I voted Yes...he's been riding like a champion.

But I don't think he Will win it, definitely looking good for a podium though and if others falter he just might find himself on the top step!
Jul 8, 2010
Vino attacks everyone said:
Well, he can win this Vuelta... but so can Noval is he is really lucky :p

I think both Froomey and AC is stronger than him, perhpas also Valverde
That was my first thought too, that I should start a thread with the title "Can Noval win the Vuelta?", and the answers could have been "Yes", and "Vino/Other".

Bad question is bad. He can, but he will not.
Mar 18, 2009
the asian said:
Is Leonardo Piepoli of Saunier Duval fame Purito's coach?:eek:

As for the Question, I think he will podium, but not be on the top.
Should have his customary bad day in the high mountains.
As for the ITT, I think he won't lose much time as most people think. He seems to have improved his ITT, and the hill in the middle should help him.
His TT coach is Michael Rich
hrotha said:
Thinking "we'll drop him later" is terrible tactics. That made Hesjedal win the Giro.

Purito has had the best build-up for the Vuelta of all 4 contenders, in theory, and the course suits him perfectly.
Yes he should be much fresher than Valverde and Froome. He is climbing as well as anyone. The TT stage is the big one for him, if he can limit his losses and continue picking up bonuses I think he has a big chance. Contador looks a bit rusty and Froome will have to be tired after working hard in the Tour. Rodriguez was very consistent in the Giro and did not have a bad day which he suffered from in the past. This is shaping as a very close race. So far it is the best grand tour of the year. Could actually come down to the bonuses which would not help Contador.
No, I don't think he will win. His TT has improved certainly, but I think that he would need a bigger advantage going into the ITT and the high mountains. My feeling is that Contador is riding into form and will be tearing up the field in week three.
Aug 16, 2011
Unless Froome and Contador Crack really bad on one of the mountain stages I don't see Purito winning the vuelta, I do expect to see him on the podium though.

But after the Giro I don't think it is a sure thing that he will have a bad day in the mountains. If he can hang with Contador and Froome in the mountains, gain some bonus seconds at the end, not do too bad a TT, and if Contador and Froome don't ride at their very best in the mountains, then I think he will have a very good chance of finishing on the top step.
Jul 7, 2012
come on guys - some of you cant see the wood for the trees. Rodriguez is clearly in the best rider in this vuelta - the course couldnt suit him better if he designed it himself. wouldnt be surprised if he's still in the lead after the TT as he's clearly in great form. Like wiggo in le tour, only disaster can stop him imo.