Cannot Read Articles Despite Having PAID


Mar 4, 2009
I read the article titled "Can't Read Articles Despite Having PAID" which I paid for, but I cannot read it. It is still alerting me of content updates. I have tried clearing my browser's cache and cookie history, as well as restarting my phone - all to no avail. It appears that there is a problem with how this particular app works on my device. Must know how to fix your exam error with this wonderful. Dissertation Guru
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Honestly, the way I see it, there are basically three ways of having paywall content.

1: The best way. What VeloNews does; certain articles are clearly marked as being for paying readers only.

2: The middle ground. What CyclingTips does; it's possible to leave an article without having it count as using one of your free articles. It actually resets! (Though, I guess the ideal would be if the "You have [X number] articles left this month" appeared all the time.)

3: The worst way. What Cyclingnews does; accidentally clicking a link counts as a read article, and it doesn't necessarily reset.

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