Chicken flies off the handles

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May 6, 2009
Isso, I assume your avatar is off the program where Rasmussen got his nickname Chicken from?
Chicken about Fuglesang! (Transelated from with google)

Michael Rasmussen has never been afraid to emphasize its strengths, and nor does it apply his influence on Team Saxo Bank Jakob Fuglsang. The two live near each other in Italy and the coach often together.

"When I was in quarantine, I dedicated enormous amount of time to Fuglsang, and if he had not had me at his side and got the structure of his training, I am not sure that he had developed as he has done," says Michael Rasmussen to Ekstra Bladet.

The current Miche rider admits that it is not just popular everywhere that he and Jakob Fuglsang are training mates, but according to Michael Rasmussen, then it simply was necessary advice to the young Dane.

"Especially when you consider the alternative of which is that he receives what I'm as helpless and hopeless amateur advice from others," it sounds, since Rasmussen does not saying anything about who is responsible for the hopeless and amateur advice Fuglsang.
Aug 12, 2009
Dr. Maserati said:
First part is true - but the only CSC/Saxo rider I ever heard about missing an OOC test is Sørensen.
I have never heard anything (rumour or factual) about Breschel.

Just on the second part where you said "it was last year", the rules are "Any combination of three missed tests and/or filing failures within an eighteen-month period'.

Of course this is what led to Rasmussens problems as he missed 2 Danish OOC tests and was twice late notifying the UCI of his intended movements.
Sorensen had an exemption for one of his. From memory he missed two but I might be wrong. I believe he slept through one. Either way he explained it to the federation and it sounded believable. This site had a news article on it before last years Tour I believe. Testers came around and either he was out riding or he was asleep and didn't hear them knock. Pretty sure he rang them up and they came back. Either way the federation and UCI believed him and over turned the ruling.