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Teams & Riders Chris Froome Discussion Thread.

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Is Froome over the hill?

  • Yes.

    Votes: 28 35.4%
  • No, the GC finished 40 minutes ago but Froomie is still climbing it

    Votes: 45 57.0%
  • No he is totally winning the Vuelta

    Votes: 18 22.8%

  • Total voters
Re: Re:

portugal11 said:
SlickMongoose said:
portugal11 said:
Lance armstrong is in reach. Congrats for his fourth tour

Yes, an 18 second gap is clearly impossible to bridge.
2 minutes if you count with the time trial. He is the best climber, has the best team, so who will beat him?

Aru is good enough to lose 30 seconds or less on a good day. I wouldn't count on 2 minutes.

With that said Froome is the favorite and almost certainly will win.
Re: Re:

Angliru said:
Hayabusa said:
bambino said:
That wasn't really the discussion we have had in the last 3 pages or so pages though :D

To be fair most of the discussion the last 3 pages were two people arguing with eachother that the other was a troll :D

My point is that Contador should be discussed in the Contador thread, he is of no concern to Froome.

Then should Contador attack at any point this weekend we can anticipate Froome/Sky simply letting him go on his merry way as they don't see him as a threat at all. :rolleyes:

Well I said Alberto was irrelevant and well he was. Gutted for Porte as he was with Froome and so proved himself worthy of discussion but hopefully see him back at the Vuelta.

3 man battle now. Aru vs Bardet vs Froome.
He doesn't look nearly as strong as before, yet his position at this moment looks excellent. Even if he can't drop em, they cannot drop him either. Only Bardet seems to be able to damage downhill.
But then what, there's still a 20km ITT.

And Sky has proven again to be the strongest team..

staubsauger said:
Froome should be disqualified from the Tour tonight!


"Unclips and loses his balance". Yeah right. It wouldn't be the first time Froome slyly plays innocent to betray fair play all over the place, like last year when he conveniently neutralized the race by taking a pee break at the worst possible time.

He shouldn't be DQ'ed because he didn't actually endanger Aru at all (climbing is not sprinting, y'all), but he deserves a fine and to be called out.
Nov 29, 2010
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spalco said:
I do think there was a bit of road rage here btw, and if it was intentional he's got to cut this out in the future. Not for his image, but for his own sake, because it could really get him in trouble. More tranquilo, Froome.

Watch the front on clip, he apologises twice.