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Chris Froome touted for the UAE Tour, end of February
in the Gazzette [In Italian, Paywalled]:

Goal is simply to finish I imagine.
From what I understood with my ancient italian, the mayor said that it's not only because of the Poggio. The region has been under severe weather for a long time, with the red danger alerts issued for the upcoming days, and the infrastructures of the region are under threat of many damages (in addition of the 10 million euro damage already incurred for the reestablishment of the Poggio road).

The reasons are certainly true, but let's see if the mayor is not exaggerating the situation in order to apply pressure on the central government for money for maintenance and repairs on the region.
just like the Giro

Yeah I guess appearance fee + a Giro > forgone fifth Tour...
for his first comeback race for testing his legs, don't you think it's better to race in a place like UAE with a dry and hot weather in February instead of Spain .........
Apr 16, 2017
Is that meant to be a criticism that he wanted a clean seeep of grand tours instead of going for the 5th tour?
I have always been curious, though I certainly don't expect to get any sort of conclusive information about the question, whether Froome would rather have the fifth Tour or if he valued the clean sweep of GT's more. Obviously he had no reason to think they were mutually exclusive, and could well believe he is still just as likely to get the fifth Tour as he ever was, but it remains an interesting hypothetical for me.
According to the Top Dawg's Instagram, he was in Dubai at the end of November. Could have been collecting a pile of petro dirhams for his appearance fee. Good on him if he negotiated a lovely little sum for himself and his beautiful family.
Didn't he go to the Giro because he wasn't sure if he will be able to ride the Tour?
Almost certainly. But Contador fans like to claim that he rode the Giro and Vuelta due to some sort of passion for cycling, so Froome fans can do the same. I thin k both will be glad of the opportunities.

Notes: In 2008 Contador rode the Giro and Vuelta after Astana were excluded from the Tour. In 2011 he rode the Giro as his hearing was original scheduled for June.
4 minutes down today. Still, was good to see him active at the front of the bunch for a bit. I imagine he wasn't expecting to be anywhere close to contesting the finish- merely finishing the race will be a huge step in his recovery.
A good read, thanks for the link. Almost makes you want to root for Froome after years of well..."doubt", mostly due to his attitude during the 2012 tour but that's an old story now.
Among the many reasons I'm not any more likely to root for Froome: he (or Ineos) covered up that he had additional complications at the end of last year, and he tweeted (or some other media) after there were questions about the training camp issue, that he had no setbacks in his recovery at that point.

"After all, it was only a few months ago - in early December to be precise - that the four-time Tour de France winner was forced to go under the knife for a third time following an infection that stemmed from the previous rounds of surgery on his right side and leg.

The infection was caused by an allergic reaction to internal stitches that were sewn during the second surgery to remove metalwork in November. News of this third surgery was revealed by Froome to both Cyclingnews and The Times at the finish of stage 2 of the UAE Tour."
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