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Teams & Riders Chris Froome Discussion Thread.

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Is Froome over the hill?

  • Yes.

    Votes: 28 35.0%
  • No, the GC finished 40 minutes ago but Froomie is still climbing it

    Votes: 46 57.5%
  • No he is totally winning the Vuelta

    Votes: 18 22.5%

  • Total voters
Thomas may have soft pedaled as it was his first race in many months, however Froome was clearly going wayyyyy into the red, seemingly wanting to make things difficult for Bernal. Seemed a bit odd to me, seeing as it's such a minor race.

Would be quite shocking if Froome could ride a GC at the Dauphiné. Can't rule it out though since it's Froome and INEOS we're talking about, but I don't expect it to happen.
Froome (almost) did drop Bernal. Critérium du Dauphiné should give the final answer. Still, on Critérium du Dauphiné Froome should likely be compared to his teammates, not to TJV riders. Both teams use different strategy, when it comes to "bulking" for the Tour.
What are you talking about?
Nothing happened yesterday. Nothing. Froome is improving his form just like Thomas as well. I am not surprised at all.
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Froome at least pretends to be very tranquilo for now.

I agree though that his form is questionable. I would expect that after what he's been through he would have tried to get to peak form earlier than usual. Does he even know for sure himself if he can get back to 100%?

He may get taken to the Tour regardless of what happens in the Dauphine, I don't know, but if he doesn't show up there, I wouldn't be confident of his chances to even challenge the contenders.
I think Ineos could be fine with Froome in the team, if they can give him some slack in the first half and let him race steady to peak condition. Everybody knows he only improves during the race and may come out very valuable during last quarter. If he stays upright. If JV is peaked early as it looks, they probably hit hard right away and if they keep the jersey, it's even better.
IMO, Froome showed enough to warrant a Tour spot, though not enough to be considered a contender. He put in some big turns at the front on multiple climbs during multiple stages, burned himself out for the team, showed he can still maintain a very high, consistent pace, critical to participate in the Ineos train, and a team first attitude.

I disagree that there was anything inappropriate about him nearly dropping Bernal. He was trying to drop the 4 TJV riders that remained.

I think there is a <10% chance he rides himself into podium condition but a >50% chance that he is in good enough shape to help Bernal and a 100% chance that the interest he brings enough value to Ineos to be worth the opportunity cost of a different rider and the small potential for enhanced intra-team conflict.
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Idk, slowly getting into shape usually hasn't actually been Sky/Ineos way of preparing for gt's. We tend to forget that because in froome's last two succesful seasons that is pretty much what he did, but in both cases Froome was going for a gt double and even then he finished 4th in the Dauphine 2017 and Trentino 2018.

Before that he won the Dauphine every time he won the tour, the same is the case for Thomas' and Wiggins' Tour wins for Skineos and while Bernal didn't win the Dauphine that's only because he didn't even race it, but he still won his last preperation race before the Tour in the tour de suisse.

There is still a preperation race to come for Froome and Thomas but if they don't perform there I don't see much reason for optimism. I doubt Skineos will change their approach to a slow build up before a tour with the hardest first week in ages.