Teams & Riders Chris Froome Discussion Thread.

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It was mostly Froome himself who had unrealistic expectations. Right up until he was dropped from the TDF team, he was expressing optimism that he could win.

Translation: if he doesn't do well, he has an excuse.
It was all hype to keep his relevance. Don't forget he signed with a new team. It would be bad for him, Ineos and ISN to say that he still had a lot to improve.

Of course he's disappointed for failling the Tour selection, but he's not stupid and deep down he knows it was the right choice.
To be fair, Froome making a full recovery would be absolutely epic. Never rooted for the guy but if he can really fight for the Tour again I'm not gonna be mad. That said, one single half decent climbing performance a year doesn't convince me just yet.
Yes, fully agree.

I do not know why this thread is so positive though. Thought already that he won't be ready for the Vuelta but he is actually doing way worse than expected. I agree that he is seriously lacking leg muscle definition, so there might be room for (quite some) improvement still That said, he is so far off currently that I find it likelier that he will never again finish a GT in the top 10 than the other way around.
Thank you, Chris,
it looks like you are over, I'm afraid.

But remember, The Second Decade of The XXI Century belongs to you.
And please, be a champion, just retire and forget about the bag.
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Why do you want people to retire just because they can't win anymore ?
What kind of mindset is that ? If a rider wants to keep riding, let him be.
Because, it is so painful to watch him as a member of grupetto all the time
He has some options:
  1. the best - to find his own Angrilu and finish his era as Contador did 3 years ago- but it is too late I'm afaid;
  2. the only possible - to retire to finish being a ridiculous member of grupetto - please do it, as soon as possible;
  3. to be an entity of silly remarks about "the bag", as Nibali is - he shouldn't allow to be;
4. ... and to find his own Koronin - and we will have a lot of fun - the worst option but thanks God the least probably right now.
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