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Well here's one ticked-off already of the cliches our Chris will utter post-TdF. He had only just finished today's TT when he came out with: "I hope to come back to my best level."

Chris Froome spoke to France Télévisions after his time trial. “This is a super nice day in the vineyards, it’s not bad here!”, the four-time winner said. “It’s been a really difficult Tour de France for me, very different from the other years I did it, but I’m delighted to have come back to this beautiful race. I took a lot of confidence in this experience. I hope to come back to my best level, but step by step. Thanks to everyone for the support!”
He finished today's TT 123rd out of 142 starters.
Why on earth would he consider starting the Vuelta in just four weeks?
What would he seriously hope to gain?
Unfortunately Chris Froome is not even at the level of a useful domestique for ISN.
Do they think he is going to turn the clock back ten years and suddenly, from out of nowhere, take the Vuelta by storm?
Save yourself the suffering Chris and duck out of this three weeks of futility.
Aug 17, 2020
Quite the stinker tour for Froome. So sad to see. Anyone think he'll ever get close to his old form? Did the injury just do that much damage? Cant think of a recent tour winner having such a wretched finish.
Jun 15, 2021
I will give Froome credit for finishing the race. I was convinced he wouldn't before the start.

I wonder what ISN management is thinking right now.? Obviously Froome best days are well past him and paying him 5.5M might be the worst contract in the history of professional cycling.

Does ISN care about the salary or do they think of the 5.5M as billionaire play money? I would think they are actually going to have to go out and sign some different guys next year if they actually want any results and 5.5M could bring in 2 top 20 guys plus a really good domestic.
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Aug 17, 2020
If he was hurt so bad during the race that he's finishing in the bottom 5% of tour riders he should have abandoned. Milking the cow is kinda dishonoring the yellow jerseys. Either way he's looking like hot garbage.
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