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I was watching "The Move" podcast recap of the "Tour Down Under" and Johan Bruneel said it was really sad for him to have to watch Chris Froome struggle. He stated that Froome will never be competitive again in a Grand Tour as todays top riders are just so much better than the riders during Froome's generation. He did say he appreciated that Froome was getting to do what he wanted to do, but that it was sad to see him struggle at the back of the pack.

It's going to be three long years.
He didnt show a good level, 5th worse in GC of the finishers.

But it is January, and he probably will focus at le Tour.
Last year he didnt show in March a much better GC at a race with less level, this was world Tour, and this time he was working more.
Clarke wanst much better and he was 2nd at Australian Champs days before. People as Thomas the same..but anyway I hoped for him to be at that level, not so bad. I know he was just doing his job and no more, not aiming a top 100...but the same lot of riders.

I hope to see him better at Cadel Evans race, at least to finish the race.... (he doesnt use to finish one day races when he works...) and to fight for GC at Tour of Rwanda. But for that he has to show a similar level to last Tour.
Taxus truly is the Hiroo Onoda of the forum, I have no real leaning towards Froome either way at this point but would quite like to see him win something just so he has his day, and because it would be funny.
I didnt know who was Hiroo Onoda.

I just know that lot of people wouldnt bet a year before to see him 3rd at the Queen stage of le Tour, and leave thee race with a decent GC position. That of course is not to aim for the podium, but is a big progres.

I just use this threat to follow this rider and share my impresions...I think that is not incorrect...
Of course respect to his possibilities of return, I am quite worried for the efect of Covid of him...He said it was serious and afect to la Vuelta, but as well he said he was improving.
No more data to valuate, so it is normal to try to know something about how he is at race..and he was bad in his first race.

If covid is not going to take a role in this year performance..I am quite optimistic..Other way it woudl be nice tio see him getting some decent results, making a good paper for the team or racing exotic races, but no more and nothing historic.
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Well if he helped two from the team in to the top 5, then dinner well deserved I guess (wtf sprint that was anyways Bling and Ewan outside the podium?) He said in a podcast that he's taking long training and racing visit in DU, tryina avoid cold conditions as he gets sick easily. Dunno his racing plan but sounds complicated as he seems to keep super skinny year round and races are mostly in Europe, where it's cold rainy spring period looming. I remember how Gilbert once said, he avoided taking hot races (UAE, DU stuff aso) to keep body accustomed to a mainland Europe spring weather.
He didn't. Another bizarre "observation" by the commentators.
I will watch the race, but It must be like that. I think he abandoned early the race. It was raining, that is important to say in his case.

I understand the director say It was hard robsee hin struggling, and he has no future. Ibsaw that as well, the day he finished better...but he forget we talk about Froome, and he has pasto a bad moment after Covid
One Day races have never been Christopher Clive Froome's forte and true to form he failed to finish the 174.2K Cadel Evans Great Ocean road Race.
However, I read he was still pulling in the peloton with 6K to go.
Why not finish Chris?
I've just seen the highlights of this race and the Aussie commentator (don't know who it was) said at 6.2K to go: "This is Chris Froome who is on the front of the peloton. It's Froome for the Israel PremierTech team who is doing the chasing."
He was going by a long-rage helicopter shot from above and I have doubts it was Chris Froome. I did not recognise the riding style and one could not see the number clearly.
If it was our Chris he may as well have finished so near the end, right?