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Chris Horner is torching knuckleheads and murdering everyone's name

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Yeah, the VDV thing was getting a little bizarre. It seems like Horner is kind've in the Armstrong camp, and Roll and VDV are definitely in it. So interesting to see him completely bag on VDV. Horner definitely seems like a bit of a wildcard though. Says a lot of stuff just to get a reaction. The greatest interview would be Horner and MVDP. MVDP is such humble, laid back guy "off the field", but it would be funny to know if he has gotten any whiff of the way Horner discounts his accomplishments.
I thought Horner was just bitter from being dropped by nbc.

A couple of things here. Horner is awful as an on air personality. Could be worse though. The aussies they put in the analysis booth where Horner and VDV were are terrible. But that’s not vdv’s fault. They relegated him to the camera bike, which is hilarious to watch
I'm in no way suggesting you are wrong, but out of curiosity, did Horner provide examples why Pidcock is a better CX bike handler? If so, how does his opinion differ from yours?
Horner said something like that, i can't remember the exact words - better bike handler / better cx bike handler.
It seemed he realized he said something ridiculous so he carried on and did give examples but softened his take saying Pidcock has won ROAD races with his bike handling and that he makes better use of transferring his cx handling skills on the road, goes on to talk about alpe d'huez stage win when he made a huge bridge on the descent). Also mentioned his Strade solo where he attacked on the gravel descent passing the motorbike on the way.