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Classic Brugge-De Panne - 2X One-Day Race(s). Men's 22/3, Women's 23/3

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Awesome to see Rickaert back at a high level after his struggles.

Deserved win for Philipsen, strongest guy in the race. First 4 guys were probably the strongest all around.

Lampaert with some weird tactics, wasn't ideal for him with 2 super fast guys but trying to beat them in a sprint is the only thing he shouldn't have gone for. Atleast try an attack like Frison, even if it doesn't work.
In an ideal situation ? You attack the group and bring two riders who are infinitely faster in the sprint, while you have your sprinter who would have come one or two in the sprint.
That's not what happened. He found himself in an attack with two sprinters, but he didn't do anything, just sat on for 15 k. He should have attacked though in the final, not wait for the sprint, that's the stupid part.
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Wow! Superb race.

Seeing all those top sprinters line-up and being up there as well, but actually having to ride like classics contenders. Really special. Enjoyed it very much. All of them were working at the front at one point. Not just Philipsen, but also Jakobsen, Demare, Gronewegen, Ackermann etc.

Hugely impressed by Philipsen. Kirsipuu won Kuurne once attacking solo to forcome being attacked. Philipsen constantly worked at the front as well. Well deserved win. Nice win. Special win, because you don't win like that too often being a sprinter.

Atrocious conditions of course. You saw how completely tuckered out Demare & Gronewegen were in the final. Demare actually was the one that had to let go when Philipsen upped the tempo.

Ackermann did some nice work for Molano. Who probably due to his chase after the mechanical was too weakened himself in the end.

Jakobsen actually was in 2nd last position of the group, when Philipsen went. So he might have faded already by that point. So it wasn't complete nonsense tactically to let Lampaert stay in the front group. But he obviously couldn't capitalize from his position, since neither he attacked himself nor Philipsen & Kooij started looking at each other.

Bram Welten really was bad luck Bram today. If he has his mechanical just some kilometres later, he easily gets back to the front group through the caravan.

DSM actually had Van Uden in the initial front group, but still pulled in the peloton to reel them back in. Only to miss the out-tray with Van Uden, Welsford & Dainese later on. Beyond stupid. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Kooij already showed that he has improved with this performance. He was up there at the 2021 Omloop as well, but had to let go off the favorites once Alaphilippe attacked to make the race hard and get rid of Kooij. Today he was the one being able to stick with Philipsen. When other big guns as Demare & Gronewegen where completely tuckered out. So Kooij can handle a hard race it seems. Good to know. Maybe Lefevere doesn't need to bid super high for De Lie, but rather takes on Kooij.

Fredheim looked strong as well. He already was in the initial front group wasn't he? Gave his fair share of workload. Maybe a bit too much as mentioned above. Once Waerenskjold was dropped he could have sat down a bit more in the group. It looked as if Fredheim slept a bit in the crucial moment, when Philipsen attacked though. Ironically that was the moment where he probably should have taken the turn himself, rather than relying on Demare's strength which obviously wasn't there anymore. Still nice outing for the young gun of course.

Impressive how Frison closed that gap on his last legs. Sadly one could see why he's mainly used as a workhorse then.