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Climb Difficulty Database Started: Ideas Welcome.

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benpounder said:
No eleven, of all the climbs I've imput, AdH ranks at 38th. The number you refer to is the result of a somewhat arbitrary equation that takes into account length, vertical rise, and finishing elevation.

Another issue, having ridden the Alpe on 4 occasions is the severity of the early section - the transition from flat, fast valley to 10%ish early section is tough and makes the first 3-4 km very tough. After that things relax a little but it is still a tough climb esp when you go for it!

The weather on a given day is a huge issue and whilst you probably can't account for that explicitly it might be worthwhile noting the likelihood of changeable conditions? e.g. I've flown up the early stages of the Galibier and Iseran in excellent cool and calm conditions only to struggle on the top sections >2000m due to blizzard conditions! Had similarly mixed experiences on Mont Ventoux (choose a cloudy day if you can - everything they say about it being a microwave on the top sections is completely true!)

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