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Thinking ahead to Wednesday. O'Rourke submitted a request for GMC to make a section 35A legal application to the Daily Mail on 8th Nov for Sutton's affidavit with Lawton. This would mean by Friday 22nd they could have it.
Under the Medical Act, Daily Mail have 14 days to provide the document and failure to provide it would then mean GMC can request the County Court to obtain it using the Medical Act on their behalf.
Will Daily Mail delay the tribunal, taking it past 20th December without all the evidence O'Rourke requested for her client through the County Courts, or will they hang Sutton and reveal their jiffybag story isn't to be believed given Sutton's opposite claim under ( effective) oath to Parliament's DCMS?
Sam......ever heard the term 'web of deceit'.....once one is told...a number follow.....unless you are suggesting the Mail safe is the font of all known truths??? I wonder what else they have in there?? :D .......and, are we now beliveing 'proven' liars when they tell us they are telling the truth?
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It's funny how the Provincial Wing of BC's PR Dept think this is about the Jiffy bag, that this is somehow about disproving the Jiffy bag story. It isn't. O'Rourke simply wants to use the Jiffy bag story to say Sutton is not to be believed. But, she's since suggested there could now be "a humdinger of a debate" over whether Sutton's evidence should be struck from the record ... or whether she can introduce evidence she was going to put to him. There's the tribunal's choice, as she's trying to frame it. Kill Sutton's value (whatever it might be at this stage) to the GMC one way, or kill Sutton's value to the GMC (whatever it might be at this stage) another. She doesn't care about the Jiffy bag. No one does. Apart from the Provincial Wing of BC's PR Dept.
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I still can't forget this one.
Mr Allardichi legend only in his own mind and Limerick FC.

But on a serious note football has been putting off a huge reckoning with drugs for a long time now. Fuentes although unreliable said he doped Spanish world cup footballers round the same time certain big Spanish clubs were posting record breaking work rates in terms of meters covered per man
I had a feeling he was Irish based on his twitter's about other sport. Any idea which station and when he was on Irish TV. Would love to see this mad wierdo live
Here's one of his appearances.


Explosive revelations include:
Thomas is a better GT rider than he used to be
Sky have a strong team
The French fans boo

And he mixes Marvel & DC, which is sort of unforgivable
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And he mixes Marvel & DC, which is sort of unforgivable
Digger's never struck me as Supes. Or even Hulk. He's always seemed more like Batman's foes. From the Adam West era. Comic and incapable, but still full of himself. The place round here isn't the same without him. Thank God.

And the Rubberbandits did the whole mask thing so much better...but then most of Digger's best ideas are borrowed from others...
The purveyors of cultural stereotypes? Is it their names and addresses you'll be after or will you be happy with just their phone numbers?
What makes Irishmen tick? I dunno they're just thick.
The fact that the best English writers are Irish negates the stereotype (that you fondly reminded us of).
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