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And he mixes Marvel & DC, which is sort of unforgivable
Digger's never struck me as Supes. Or even Hulk. He's always seemed more like Batman's foes. From the Adam West era. Comic and incapable, but still full of himself. The place round here isn't the same without him. Thank God.

And the Rubberbandits did the whole mask thing so much better...but then most of Digger's best ideas are borrowed from others...
It's actually not. There are legit ways of boosting T.
I don't really know the specifics of the search, or the timing of point is that in the context of what he's actually being charged with ie. ordering synthetic testosterone knowing it was likely to be used by an Athlete, then when you add recorded searches relating to endurance athletes and testosterone levels then it looks highly suspicious.

But of course timing and specifics is important.....if he was searching such things earlier in his career, specifically referring to natural levels and treatments then it could be entirely innocent. If the searches were just weeks before the order was placed and he's searching topics related to synthetic testosterone then it looks entirely different.

Would be interested to hear more specifics of what they actually found on the laptop....
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