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Coaches Vs. Pre-Planned routines

Mar 10, 2009
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I am looking into getting back into a solid race form and wondering how everyone feels about pre-planned routines vs. a personal coach. Money is an issue here and the routines are cheap in comparison. If they are no good though then I would rather spend the money on a coach.

I am looking for a plan based on HR not power and my current focus is mid-level Cyclocross.

I have had a coach in the past and I had a good experience and saw results and consistancy so I do know they work and work well.

Are there any other idea's out there?

Thanks for all the info.
Jun 16, 2009
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just from my personal experience i would say you need a coach who does personal plans.
well what happens when the off the shelf plan runs into problems?
Everyone has different results, plans need to be adapted
"Ok see our how to adapt your plan. plan. that will be another 50 bucks"
A coach who just shoves you into his"tried & true"plan usually gives the excuse" why? because it works! bs"
Good coaches/trainers talk to you about your results through email/phone and they make adaptations based on your progress.
If you are serious enough to pay for advice, pay a little more and get good advice.