Cobo Appreciation Thread

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Dekker_Tifosi said:
Cobo is not lazy. Cobo is mentally unstable. He has been depressed and lost fun in cycling. Only since a few months has he come around again.
In his youth Cobo was a big talent like Contador even.
I'd prefer to describe his issues more in terms of his having lost his motivation and love for the sport. Of course his Vuelta success may change that or based on his shy, reserved nature, all the resulting attention and demands on his time may make him even more reserved and value his personal time even more. I'm quite happy for him and IMO he is even more deserving of his success than Froome considering the time and work he's put in supporting other riders in the past. The way he quietly rose to contend was emblamatic of his reserved personality and was ideal for him in that he limited the amount of pressure that he was subjected to. When he had to defend his lead he did so with determination. Bravo Cobo!!
Dekker_Tifosi said:
if you read carefully he says he doesn't like training because of the pressure of getting results...

it's not that he is lazy. It has to do again with his mental unstability
I'm confused how you get that he's mentally unstable. That's just a bit too drastic of an assessment IMO.
May 13, 2009
Forunculo said:
So Cobo has better career results than Andy Schleck... Peace:rolleyes:
There are three things Cobo has and Andy does not: one GT win, and two....:D

Bravo for Cobo he did an amazing race...
Jun 22, 2011
I like Cobo - particuarly today as I just picked up my £150 odd, that I won on him after my peculiar stake of 85p E/W at 150/1 (only had £2.70 on me when I passed the bookies).

Less said about my £1 to win on Kruijswijk the better though.

Somewhere in the Vuelta thread I did say to get on him & that he was a shoe in to top the Geox riders.