Colombia 2.1 (Feb 12-17)

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Valv.Piti said:
sir fly said:
We'll see how will Froome look today, but assessing his capacities on performance so far isn't exactly the most reliable.
He's there to make some sort of base and examine altitude effects considering the complexity of this year's Tour. Also, he doesn't have to make any statements early and throughout the season any more, or get used to leader's role as it's been the case at the beginning of his GT reign.
His career peak probably was a year, year and a half ago, when he targeted doubles and rode 4 GTs in a row, so his approach these days is reasonably less weighted by the result requirements, paying attention to possible burnout.
Following Colombians on their home soil at this time of the year is more difficult than matching GT rivals later in the season.

Off to the broadcast, now.
His true peak was 2013, from 11-12 to 14-now he has had a very high level with some variances obviously, but not a worldbeater like he was in 2013.
His peak watts maybe were back then, but overall power output certainly was when he rode 4 GTs in a row, winning three of them.
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