Colombia 2.1 (Feb 12-17)

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del1962 said:
tobydawq said:
Superman seemed freakishly strong. He'll probably win the race overall with it all to be decided on tomorrow's MTF.
Should have made Alaphiippe close the gap, gave him a free rise
Definitely, but I think he was too worried they would stay away if he began playing games, and he probably knew that Alaphilippe would win no matter what (as long as they caught them).
I must confess I initially wasn't happy about the parcours, but now that I've watched the last 2 stages - my god- I was sooo wrong!! Those guys racing there are giving everything and making it so exciting to watch. Chapeau to Julian Ala - a truly warrior within the old school French tradition! Also kudos to Sosa & Dani Martinez for the Showdown on the last climb- it was a treat to the eyes & the spectacle.

I can hardly wait for tomorrow's stage
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