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Colombia 2.1 (Feb 12-17)

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DNP-Old said:
Taxus4a said:
Hope to see Uran again with the leader. I dont think it will be a bunch sprint.
EF don’t want the leader jersey though.
They failed miserably- not only have they the leader jersey, but they occupy all top3 spots in GC!

Not a good situation, though. They'll now have responsibility to control while teams like Sky have so many options to form a long-range attack. And even having someone like Craddock to cover any potential dangerous move may backfire because you wouldn't trust him not to be distanced on any final climb after what he has shown in the past 2 years.
Mar 14, 2009
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tobydawq said:
I think it was a jab at Jancouver.

I understand why they go there but the production was an embarrassment. And a deterioration from last year.

This is not a mandatory race in 50C heat so I have no problem with this event.

Plus, this is not a one (Willunga) hill race either so other than the poor coverage , I’m quite enjoying this race
The climb for tomorrow is not that hard: