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Component Prices

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Jun 16, 2009
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TheDude said:
To go back on original topic... I agree, which is why I went Centaur for $1k USD for a groupset. Aside from a few grams not much different from last year's Chorus or the year before's record (missing some Ti).
Exactly! :)

I've just put Veloce Ultrashift ergo levers on my cross bike - and save for the carbon lever blade and the 11 speed ratchet, it's exactly the same as Super Record ... Oh yeah, and except for the fact that it costs about 1/3 as much as the Super Record ...

Just in case there are people reading this thread who haven't discovered it yet ... Campag posts their spare parts catalogues on their website. It's a fantastic way to compare the groupsets/components before you buy as it gives a break down of the spare parts for each component. It's amazing how many of the parts are the same all the way down the gruppos ... (and full credit to Campag for doing so - it means that you can get great quality in a lower end groupset ... which is great for beginners and people on a budget!)
Mar 13, 2009
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I hold my opinion from the bike manufacturers thread, they cost this much because this is how companies make the most money. There will be a significant price drop in the coming years with technology trickle down. Shimano just want to pay off R and D fast first. There is a premium you pay for exclusivity. I'll stick with rival for now.