Conta-do over? Will ban be reversed?

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Feb 10, 2011
Lies of the Spanish flea

Here we go again! More bulls**t from the Contador camp including the man himself, "his" federation and some dopey spanish politician. I'm sick of the likes of Contador, Valverde et al. sick and tired of all the Italian, American and Spanish frauds and the rest of the scum. I hope that the charming Mr Armstrong gets fried and the UCI implements a life ban for the dopes and Pat Mcquaid finally gets caught with his hands in the till. Will it happen? who knows.

No more heroes

I am embarrassed by this. Spanish fight against doping is ridiculous.

A national federation deciding on its own riders is plain "Conflict of Interest". It is logical that they are going to defend their hero, especially if they have the feeling that the other GC contenders were doping also. This in not correct, but that is what is happening.

We, the fans, can not accept that just because the other riders are doping then we should accept or cover up when our hero pop up for doping. If we do that we are perpetuating this problem. We have to use every opportunity we have to make it harder for them. I know that Schleck is doping, but now the plasticizer test is in his head. Hell who knows if he even used Clen during his training but was smarter enough to make sure that it was out of the blood stream completely before blood was drawn. We have to use every avenue we have to make doping harder for them. It is already hard enough that the testing usually lags the technology of doping, and that we also have to deal with the corruption of the UCI. We can not fight national federations. It is just too much.
Jul 19, 2010
GreasyMonkey said:
Fully agree on the issue of the weight of "vealers" in Spain - somewhere earlier it was mentioned that for slaughter as "Ternera" or "Veal", the animal was to be in the order of 300+kg..... For a bull to be used in bull-fighting they must weight more than 320kg, most are weighed at 340-370kg, and they are no damned vealers!!!! Fully mature, mad as hell, testosterone-charged, mobile steak-burgers.....

I live near Madrid, and when I buy a full Solomillo, usual weight is 2.6 - 2.9kg, it is "Buey", which translates to Bullock or Steer - a far cry from a vealer, whose age is normally 10-14 months at slaughter. I asked my local butcher for "Ternera Solomillo", the ones he showed me only tipped the scales at 1.9-2.2kg - when asked if he had seen a 3kg Ternera Solomillo, he just laughed.

The translations of veal and beef, and the different cuts of meats are getting all screwed up in this thread. The various reports & subsequent translation attempts give a very confusing picture, lets wait and see what the outcome is.

BTW, Buey Solomillo is REALLY NICE, I don't blame Bertie at all for wanting a piece on the rest day, clen-filled or not......
I think this confusion over "veal" and "beef" results from bad translations and colloquial misuse. Folks in Madrid call "ternera" any beef they eat. What exactly is meant by "ternera blanca" (veal), "ternera" (beef) "añojo" (beef) varies a lot regionally, and depending on whether one is speaking colloquially or in formal, legal terms. Meat that is really veal, or meat that is really from a "buey" (2+ years) is not so easy to come by; it's not sold in supermarkets, and while my butcher has the former, he's not got the latter, and his competitors have neither. Most of what is sold comes from an animal 10-18 months old, between 350 and 500 kilos, and is labeled ternera, although it is really añojo, because everyone (at least in Madrid) calls it ternera anyway.


one finds a table which I've translated below:
"Ternera blanca": 0-8 months.
“Ternera": 8 -12 months.
“Añojo”: 12-24 mos.
“Novillo”: 24-48 mos.
“Cebón”: bull castrated before 48 mos.
“Buey”: bull castrated after 48 mos.
“Vaca”: femals of at least 48 mos.
“Toro”: fighting bull at least 48 mos.