Contador 2-0 vs. Armstrong head-to-head

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Roadrage said:
Hi McKnob,
With the greatest Tour rider in history (not greatest overall rider) now gone, who shall be your target of ridicule and petty, small-minded, digs now?

Well you're certainly setting yourself up to be the leading candidate with that post, eh?

And for the OP - don't be so sure man, Lance will take out a 45 minute solo breakaway tomorrow. It would only be fitting that the greatest tour rider ever, and the man who defies precedent, gets the win on the final day, against precedent. Contador 1, Lance 1 thank you very much.

Comeback 2011

Jul 23, 2010
Moose McKnuckles said:
Is there any question now that Armstrong should bow down and kiss Contador's feet for helping him get 3rd place in last year's Tour? Of course not. We now see that Lance, after taking Contador's ENTIRE TdF team, couldn't even muster a Top 20 without Alberto.

He wasn't going for a top 20, of course, but wow, Alberto beat up a 39 year old. Great going!

And now we know how he did it last year, and this year he wasn't even the real winner.

You could hardly say that about any of Lance's wins.
nia O'Malley said:
Well you could also argue that if indeed he is why any irish sponsors are refusing to cough up this year, then he wasn't good business at all, as it must have brought them on their knees last year for little return :) Otherwise, they'd ask for more.

thats very well might be the cause,but i wouldnt blame LA (we know there are other things you can blame him for) for the poor bussines decisions of his sponsors