Cookson V McQuaid who do you think ???

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Oct 15, 2012
sniper said:
yeah, interesting. and interesting timing.
about time something started moving.

this one will be relatively easy for brailsfraud to explain away though.
if asked, he'll claim he never saw Locke's BP values prior to signing him.
Can't help suspecting this is oddly not the worst for Sky, apart from basic reputational guff and some worrying transparency issues. Have to suspect he was juiced at Endura for his miracle 2012, trying, late in life to get big pro contract. Hit the jackpot - "good juice!" - but had to come off the juice at Sky, values plummeted. Just seems to fit his miracle 2012 with endura and no blood passport till ToB, and his absolutely crap 2013 with Sky...