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Teams & Riders Coolest Names in the Peloton*

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Zsolt Istlstekker

Obviously, Hungarian is a rather extreme language so no surprise you could find a lot of names on the start line of the Tour of Hungary who would be worthy of this thread (okay there are not that many Hungarians in the race), but I think the above-mentioned guy has something special about it. Yet I feel his parents missed out on the option of having even more consecutive consonants. Surely there could be thrown a couple of z's or ch's in...
This man sounds like someone you would like to be friends with:
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We all know what race this guy is gonna win in the future:

(And where his ancestors - well, some of them at least - were from.)
This is more cool in the sense of "unexpected based on nationality":

I think this guy might have a Swedish parent. 'Nilsson' is not your typical French name.
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This is more cool in the sense of "unexpected based on nationality":

On the same note I noticed some Irish riders in this week's Rás Tailteann with non-Irish names that suggest some cycling pedigree.