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Could Peter Sagan win the Green Jersey at the Tour de France?

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May 28, 2010
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craig1985 said:
Is that all? I'm expecting him to take a clean sweep of all four jerseys (overall, points, climbers, and BYR) and win by more then 15 minutes.

Yeah. He'll win the team competition too since Liquigas won't be entering him in the TdF.
Kazistuta said:
Actually he's Slovakian..... Let's give the guy a break and let him continue to be a factor in harder week long races. IF he participates this year (highly unli´kely imo), he won't be near the green jersey as Bennati will probably be their man for the sprints. I'm sure Liquigas knows there are no reason to bring Sagan along just for the ride and to solely support Kreuziger/Pellizotti/Bennati etc.

I agree with this post. He is a huge talent but let him find his feet as to what kind of a rider he is going to be. Far too young and potentially talented to label him as only a gree jersey contender at this point in his career.

The comparison with EBH is inevitable given their age and ability to be able to win at will. I look forward to following the direction their careers take, and I mean that in a good take:)
May 28, 2010
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Andre.J said:
Look for Boonen to take the green.

Yeah but only if he can find his form out of nowhere, and fast.
Did you see his classics season?
Good by most rider's standards, but for a rider like him, not good at all.

That's not to say he could find his form by the TdF, but the classics season was also part of his focus for the year.
I just don't see him improving enough to beat the likes of Cavendish and Farrar in the sprints
May 28, 2010
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The way I see it, he could develop into one of two types of riders:

He could become a Valverde type rider (minus the doping hopefully) who can climb as well as sprint, to the point where he could win a GT

Or he might not develop his climbing/TTing enough to challenge for the GC in a GT.
In which case he'd end up being more like a Thor Hushovd who has a solid sprint and can make it over decent sized hills to win from a small group.
I think he'll be a better climber than Hushovd though.
How's about the following:

Andy Schleck (June 10, 1985) - 2007 Giro, 2008 and 2009 Tour BYR, eligible for 2011 white jersey
Jakub Fuglsang (March 22, 1985) - eligible for 2011 white jersey
Roman Kreuziger (May 6, 1986) - eligible for 2012 white jersey
Rigoberto Urán (January 26, 1987)
Kevin Seeldraeyers (September 12, 1986) - 2009 Giro BYR
Robert Gesink (May 31, 1986)
Bauke Mollema (November 26, 1986)
Pierre Rolland (October 10, 1986)
Simon Spilak (June 23, 1986)

- I'd consider all of these to be more likely than Sagan to win a white jersey within the next couple of years. Sagan has been a phenom for sure, but he's not stuck it out on any big mountains yet (no, Big Bear doesn't count) and has lost time there. I don't think that he could win a white jersey until his climbing improves, and also Liquigas will have other GC aims with Basso and Nibali both re-upping for the next two years, which he may well need to sacrifice his own intentions for. Plus Liquigas also have a couple of other hugely talented youngsters themselves.