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Critérium du Dauphiné 2023, June 4 - 11

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Jumbo does not seem to be slow-pacing this either.

Enjoyed the interview with Stephen Cummings this morning, solely because he sounds exactly like what you'd think Stephen Cummings as a DS would sound like. Anyway, the only semi-interesting tidbit was that he thinks he can put his three GC cards to some use.

I love you man.

P.S. Where is vwipe? :p
I thought vwpe was still banned but he is not anymore. He's followed his own advice to other posters to 'go outside' and this is why he knows so much.

Hopefully he comes back when VDP beats WVA to the rainbow jersey to make a million posts about how wva just can't compete with the raw natural power of VDP and how WVA says this himself in the conversations they have together , because vwpe and wva are close friends.