Critérium du Dauphiné May 30-June 6 2021

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Amazing performance by Padun again, he lost nothing to GC favourites on Joux Plane (about 3' at the start and at the top).
Porte (supported by two super-bodyguards Hart and Thomas) undroppable on the climb (poor Superman) but the descent was a different story. A bit of drama there but it ended up well for Ineos - after the fall Thomas managed to close the gap and help the leader at the end.
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I would say that Padun wins TdF but i feel he made a gross mistake. If he flew under the radar he could loose like 2-3 min and then go absolutely ham on the first alpine stage, gain like 3-4 mins like a certain Danish chicken and with this form and juice he could as well bring it home to Paris unless he would be popped, also like a certain Danish chicken.
What on earth are you on about?

Skjelmose interview:

"Next goal is helping Mads win nationals, and then I am hoping the national coach is watching this, because I am climbing well and am hopeful of being selected for the Olympics".

Mikkel Bjerg interview:

"I was planning to do the groupetto today, but legs felt good, and then I caught Froome and passed him, so the rest of the stage I dug deep while fantasizing about being about to win the tour in front of him. - It was fun to try, everyone on the mountain was cheering Froome on, shouting "come on Chris".
Okay, I'm just trying to forget the Padun thing for a moment and have to say that team performance from Ineos was ridicoulus. What on earth was Thomas doing in this race? This is his way of proving he should be the sole leader at the Tour?
We all have to remember, that being a preparation race, the team gives the riders a larger degree of freedom to ride as they please.

It's more of a "every man for himself" approach, which will certainly not be the case in the tour.
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