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Criterium du Dauphine-Stage 6

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peloton said:
Horner smoked a very strong TT field at PV in April......

Good stage today.

Yep, that was a classy win to cap that tour off. I believe that TT had like 400m of climbing which helped him, not too mention he was wearing the race leader's jersey. He isn't a bad TT but just not a great one.
Oct 16, 2009
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San Carlo said:
I think they did the climb on 42.23.
Yup. Not too shabby considering the wind and all the attacking, but still waaaay off Armstrong and Pantani, which I guess is a good thing. Van Den Broeck was one of the few who seemed to take his own, steady pace, and he finished about 40 seconds down.

Kudos to Contador for attacking relentlessly and to Brajkovic for responding every time.


Moose McKnuckles said:
TFF working in the Spinal Tap reference like a pro. Pay attention young posters.

Is there a bow smiley?

Thank you sir, thank you!:D
Mar 18, 2009
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So, basically, absolutely no one talking about Horner working for Van Garderen on the stage.
I wonder how many people would be up in arms if they were spanish.

Reminds me of Paulinho's words back in 2008 when he was asked how the different nationalities at Astana got along.

"Horner is a really really nice guy.....if you're american. If you're not, he despises you"