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Cycling Classes with the Pros.

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Movistar is happy to announce that Demi Vollering, Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio, Danny Stam and Anna van der Breggen are the newest graduates from their Academy of Tactical Perfectness.

To be fair, as much as I've always liked van der Breggen, I have had to question her tactical awareness a few times now already, and I am not sure she needed that course. Although maybe it was just Moolman-Pasio's selfishness today, I don't know.
"How to keep threads serious, and on-topic."
Hosted by yours truly, with guest appearances from several other forum members.
How to change Mads Pedersen’s nationality- Hosted by yours truly with a few forum guests, with some rather angry closing remarks by @RedheadDane.
You might be missing the cycling and the pros part. But hey, that‘s gonna be explained in RhD‘s special course so no worries.
Another course: Tadej Pogačar presents: The Tour-Vuelta double- following your schedule to perfection
How was nobody bored enough to bump this during the Giro?

Bread and Blames - How to deal with disappointing results, with Patrick Lefevere (sponsored by the Belgian hospitality industry)

The Art of the Deal - How to negotiate a contract before the start of the season, with Domenico Pozzovivo

Every Second Counts - An all-new interpretation of one of cycling's classic mantras, with Derek Gee
I'm not crying, you're crying. Yes, and that's the reason why you're not winning races: An evening with Jonas Vingegaard. Sepp Kuss has already signed up for this class.

Two's a Crow(d), three's a Murder waiting to happen: The JV management reveals its secrets to picking leaders and maintaining a united team. There's sadly no spots left due to a lot of interest from UAE.