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Cycling South America for charity

Nov 8, 2009
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I hope someone can help me. My brother is cycling around South America for The British Red Cross charity. He has been on the road for six months and has hit a very low point. I am trying to think of ways to keep his spirits up and thought it might be good if other cyclists could give him some support. Obviously it would be great if people felt like donating to the charity but this is more about keeping his spirits up for his last few months.
If anyone has any ideas or would be interested in dropping him a quick message he would be so grateful. His website is wkd-life.com

I have tried to get keen cyclists involved like Chris Hoy and Boris Johnson (did I say I was desperate?) but no-one seems to be interested. I have a few friends who are keen cyclists and I was of the impression that cyclists were incredibly supportive of each other. Please help somehow, even if it means passing this information on to other people. If my brother receives some support from fellow cyclists it might be enough to keep his spirits high and see him fulfil his goal.

Thank you for your time
Fiona Shiels
Jan 25, 2010
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