Damiano Caruso: The Invisible Man

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Huge respect to Damiano. Well done!! Bahrain had lots of bad luck during this Giro with Landa, Mader and Mohoric abandoning, but he has avenged them for sure.

The chances for a miracle tomorrow are slim, but then again this is the Giro... if the stars align and Bernal has an off day, why not?!?!
In the end only Bernal and Dani Martinez gained time on him on the final climb, he was really strong today. Stages like this one are also better for a diesel like him than just a steep MTF with not a lot of climbing before it.

Today he took a calculated risk, he was almost 4min ahead of Vlasov (the 4th on gc), but he still deserves respect, than was an awesome ride. In the interview on RAI he also gave tons of credit to Bilbao and said that 70% of the stage win belongs to him.