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Dauphine Libere - Prologue - 6th June

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Mar 18, 2009
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dragonfan said:
oh ok..thanks for that....
so that means he is a definite non-starter tonight??

Yes. The Tour de Suisse and Critérium du Dauphiné are the two major races of June. They overlap, so you do one of them, not both.
Sep 25, 2009
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i’m gonna give my bets to berto but ultimately would love to see boom to win the prologue (i know, i know he’s not here :(). ..very curious about gusev’s 1st big show - he must be very motivated to prove himself. ultimately, I think samu will win the whole thing but not today. watch out for millar he had a long rest.
Mar 18, 2009
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nvpacchi said:
wildcard Sicard

In a prologue?

Waterloo Sunrise said:
So he can avoid training of any substance whatsoever for 2 months, and then just find form really quickly. If so his training patterns are horribly arranged and he doesn't peak in any meaningful sense whatsoever.

N.b (L)Eddy(L), but seriously, going and dominating the Vuelta, before winning the first of his 6 world championships would be far better for him.


There is absolutely no way a rider trains himself into form that quickly. He would be much better served building for the Vuelta. He hasn't reached top form once all season, so he would be extremely well rested for the Worlds.

Arriving at the Worlds so much more rested than anyone else on any other team = huge chance of winning, which he normally wouldn't have.
Mar 11, 2009
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Contador has been doing a lot of 'expectation management' in the lead-up, so I expect him to smoke the field by 5+ seconds.


Apr 23, 2010
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may seem a silly question but what is so convincing about ruben plaza being a doper?! im afraid i dont really know anything about him


hfer07 said:
Does anybody have a live feed? I can't find any at all:mad:

feeds are on the first post in the thread.. duh..

i really couldnt have made the first post any more helpful

spanish feed running, english ones in about five minutes


remaining riders: cet/us
154. COPPEL Jérôme 18:19:00
155. DURAN AROCA Arkaitz 18:20:00
156. FEDRIGO Piérrick 18:21:00
157. SANCHEZ Samuel 18:22:00
158. MALORI Adriano 18:23:00
159. KNEES Christian 18:24:00
160. AUGE Stéphane 18:25:00
161. THOMAS Geraint 18:26:00
162. SAMOILAU Branislau 18:27:00
163. HORNER Christopher 18:28:00
164. LE MEVEL Christophe 18:29:00
165. DESSEL Cyril 18:30:00
166. MILLAR David 18:31:00 12:31pm U.S.
167. BENNATI Daniele 18:32:00 12:32pm U.S.
168. ROLLIN Dominique 18:33:00 12:33pm U.S.
169. MARYCZ Jaroslaw 18:34:00 12:34pm U.S.
170. SIVTSOV Kanstantsin 18:35:00 12:35pm U.S.
171. VAN DEN BROECK Jurgen 18:36:00 12:36pm U.S.
172. GUSEV Vladimir 18:37:00 12:37pm U.S.
173. MENCHOV Denis 18:38:00 12:38pm U.S.
174. CONTADOR Alberto 18:39:00 12:39pm U.S.
175. PLAZA MOLINA Ruben 18:40:00 12:40pm U.S.